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May 2004

Constipation --
Why It’s Bad for You and
How to Permanently Eliminate It

Constipation is a problem experienced by about 25% of the population and affects all ages. Although not generally considered a serious condition, it can cause great discomfort and have long-term consequences far beyond that.

What Does It Matter if You're Constipated?
How Does It Slow the Removal of Wastes from the Entire Body?
What Qualifies as Constipation?
What Causes It?
How Is It Treated?
How Do I Remove the Cause of My Constipation?
Case Studies
What's New at FoodAllergySolutions.com
Medical Research on Constipation

What Does It Matter if You're Constipated?

Constipation is a much more significant problem than it may first appear. Being constipated is not just about having fewer bowel movements, abdominal pain, straining, or any of the other possible associated symptoms. More importantly for long-term health, it’s a serious dysfunction in your entire digestive and elimination process.

Constipation is a symptom of slow transit time (not unlike traffic). When the colon is backed up, then the small intestine is backed up. And when the intestines are backed up, the stomach has a delay in gastric emptying. This is why some people with constipation also experience heartburn and reflux.

This of course affects digestion and therefore can contribute to the malabsorption of nutrients, which can lead to a wide spectrum of health problems. At the other end of gastrointestinal tract it also causes a delay in the removal of waste from the body, not just from the colon.


How Does Constipation Slow the Removal of Wastes from the Entire Body?

The liver is responsible for removing a majority of toxins (including pollutants, hormones, drugs, heavy metals, and even cholesterol) from the blood stream. Much of this waste is then dumped into the gastrointestinal tract (GI) for final disposal.

If the GI tract is slowed in it’s transit time, then these toxins are not removed in a timely manner and may even be reabsorbed. This is akin to setting the garbage out at the curb but not having it picked up for several weeks. It’s not good for the neighborhood, so to speak.

What Qualifies as Constipation?

There are several ways of defining constipation. However, the two major issues are the frequency of bowel movements and their firmness. Optimal GI function requires having a bowel movement at least once per day. Bowels movements that are difficult to pass, very firm, or small rabbit like pellets also qualify as constipation. Other symptoms may include bloating, distension, abdominal pain, or a sense of incomplete emptying.

If you don’t have these symptoms but you rely on extra fiber (such as Metamucil), a stool softener, laxative, or some other method to prevent these symptoms then you have constipation.


What Causes Constipation?

Most chronic constipation is due to either food allergies or hypothyroidism, or a combination of both. Very few people are truly deficient in fiber, even though taking excess fiber may ultimately relieve the condition. Many medications also can cause constipation. Neurological and physiological causes also exist, but are relatively uncommon.

How Is Constipation Treated?

Short-term treatments for relieving constipation include fiber, water, exercise, flax oil, magnesium (such as Milk of Magnesia), laxatives, and even enemas and suppositories. A long-term need for extra fiber, magnesium or laxatives to relieve constipation indicates that the underlying cause has not been addressed.


How Do I Remove the Cause of My Constipation?

To permanently resolve chronic constipation the source of the problem must be discovered. This generally requires a thorough screening for both hypothyroidism and food allergies, two conditions that are often misdiagnosed.

Food allergies are well known in the medial literature to cause constipation. A list of medical references is available at the online version of this newsletter located on the website.

If you suffer from constipation or any of the symptoms mentioned in this article please make an appointment at the IBS Treatment Center at 206-264-1111.


Constipation Case Studies

Case #1: 42 year old female with one bowel movement every 3 days. This patient had required laxatives for the previous 10 years in order to stay regular. She also experienced heartburn and was taking medication for high blood pressure After ELISA blood testing for food allergies and removing eggs and dairy from her diet she was able to discontinue all laxatives and her constipation and heartburn both completely resolved. Her blood pressure also dropped and she was able to discontinue her medication.

Case #2: 59 year old female with constipation and bad abdominal cramping. This patient had one bowel movement every 4 days and required laxatives. All her life she had experienced small round hard stools and bad cramps. She was evaluated with the ELISA food allergy panel and discovered allergic to eggs and plums. She also was found to be hypothyroid even though she had been told that her thyroid was normal. After treating both of these conditions her pain disappeared and her symptoms resolved.

Case #3: 30 year old male patient with Celiac Disease. This patient had previously experience alternating constipation and diarrhea. After being diagnosed with a gluten intolerance (Celiac Disease) and removing wheat, barley, and rye from his diet his diarrhea resolved. However, his constipation became worse. Through the ELISA food allergy panel it was discovered that he was allergic to dairy. Upon the removal of dairy from his diet his bowel movements finally became regular.

Case #4: 6 month old baby with constipation, reflux and colic. This patient was breast feeding and bottle feeding. He was taken off of dairy formula and improved tremendously. However, his mother was also allergic to dairy and was passing on her antibodies in her breast milk. The baby was still reacting to her food allergy and his symptoms did not fully resolve until they were both off of dairy.


What’s New at FoodAllergySolutions.com

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